Covid-19 NADOE Statement on Accreditation

COVID-19 continues to shape day to day decisions for our Division. This past spring, accreditation teams worked together with their host schools/ECP’s to continue accreditations where possible; the hope was that things would become more manageable by this fall.  The conditions remain uncertain and change from region to region is based on local response and transmission rates.  When considering a visit, the students, staff and visiting team’s safety and health are our main concern.

The North American Division Education Department will continue working with the Union, local Conference, Committee Chair, and host school/ECP’s to move accreditation forward. This will mean a variety of approaches are possible from extensions, fully virtual, hybrid or the traditional format based on a collaborative decision. If possible, the visiting team chair or local designee will conduct a one-day site visit.  We will also work in collaboration with Unions and Conferences for elementary and jr. academy accreditations and extensions.

If the situation stabilizes , we may introduce the one-day site visit for all visits, or begin the shift to an expanded onsite visit under this new blended approach. 

This approach is not new for NADOE.  We have conducted virtual and hybrid visits over several years and we are confident this method can meet the expectations of AAA, Middle States, WASC, and NCPSA at this time.