Data Rollup 2019-2020 Updates

Student Information System

Fields added to Student Record

  • is_part time – This field is typically used for homeschoolers. If Y is provided, this student will be excluded from attendance and is not validated for core subjects.
  • is_homeschool student – (excluded from enrollment) Adds clarification to is_part_time_student for this category of stude
  • Student Transfer Record – This is for students who begin in one grade level and are moved to the next level up or next level down.
    • Student’s grade-level before the transfer
    • Student’s grade-level after the transfer
    • The date the transfer became effective

Transcript Addition to School Record

  • Add “smart” regional accreditation information to transcript footer
    • “Is_regional_accredited”  for regional accreditation: 
      • MSA – Middle States Association
      • WASC – Western Association of Schools and Colleges
    • NOTE: Additional accreditation shows on the footer of the transcript with a website address.

All accreditation data fields are removed. Information will be gathered directly from the Union.

Validations are added to check full legal name and birth dates for student and educator.  SIS data is validated with User Manager and Student IDs.

User Manager Additions

  • Indicate Part-time or Full-time for educators.
  • This defaults to Full-time.
  • Description of any government funding for schools.
    • In User Manager, click on Edit to enter this information.
    • Office of General Counsel has recommended that the conference and unions are aware of all government types of funding that come in to the school.

Report Card Changes

  • Removed the Option 1 for skill assessment
  • Revised Domain Levels of Proficiency 4,3,2,1 wording. This is the only option for Grades 1-8 skill assessment codes.
    • NOTE: if nothing is added, the box will auto populate with 3 = Proficient
  • Includes A+ Marking Code for Grades 3-8
  • Not Assessed/Applicable – must enter NA in the SIS. This will show up as gray in the skills domain on the report card.
  • Social Development/Work Ethic
    • O=Outstanding
    • S=Satisfactory
    • N=Needs Improvement
    • NOTE:  if nothing is added, the box will auto populate with S – Satisfactory

View the the official report cards at: and

Data Rollup Reports


  • Bringing in class specific titles for secondary teachers – listing the class taught – not the department.  (Example: Spanish, instead of Modern Language)
  • Listing the general grade assignment for elementary (Example Grade 4 for teaching the majority of Grade 4.  Not Grade 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 when only teaching PE for those grades.)

Opening Report Changes

  • Enrollments Subtotal K-10, PK-8, 9-12 and grand total (Opening Report and Opening Report Summary)
  • Split out staff from Head Count – make its own section with all the same categories
  • Add note “Highest Degree for positions holding certification” – remove unknown.
  • Add Denominational certification – indicate level – and then totals for Instructional and Administrative. (this is based on FTE categories)