NAD SBL Timeline (Draft)

Adapted from the Conceptual Framework December 2019



Summer 2021
Core Subjects
Correlation with Marzano            Priority Standards and NAD Standards.

Customized P-Scales      
Including student “I-Can Statements” 

Vocabulary for subject areas.

Curriculum Maps/Pacing Guides/Scope and Sequence.

Common formative Assessment samples (pre, interim, & post)

Align resources, collect and create additional resources to meet standards.

Rollout of Journey to Excellence web resource.

Communication planning and coordination between all levels. 
Elementary/Secondary Customization will be complete 

Secondary will continue to work on writing additional P-Scales in identified gaps. NAD is collecting samples that will be examples for those early adopters who want to start working in the non-core subjects. (e.g. art, PE, Bible) 

NAD/Union sub-committees should consider where communication resources can be shared and accessed.

It has been suggested first focusing on creating Safe and Collaborative Culture within a school including PLC development.  NAD will continue to collect guiding principles, frameworks and documents for organizing effective PLC’s along with training opportunities.

Once the summer committee is done and items are voted on, continuing coordination will happen between all levels to create a database of reference, planning, customized proficiency scales and communication examples.
Post Summer 2021-2022Continue Summer committee work.

Continue with professional development seminars and coaching. (ALC courses, NAD coaches, Global PD, et.)

J2E 2.0 website will continue to develop the philosophical background related to this and other initiatives.
NAD explores the process for schools interested in High Reliability Schools Certification.

NAD Accreditation correlation of High Reliability Schools and Continuous Improvement model.

NAD will create a database of HRS surveys that align with NAD accreditation documents.
Communication planning and coordination between all levels.
Recommended priorities:
1.    Unions, Conferences, and schools build PLC’s (Ideally meeting in person, but where it isn’t possible they can be virtual.  Consistency is the main point.)
2.     Explore Safe, Supportive, Collaborative Culture training
3.     Increasing knowledge at Admin and teacher levels on classroom practices. (New Art and Science of Teaching lvl-2 HRS)
4.     Work on effective teaching in every classroom HRS Level 2.
5.     Engage in New Art and Science of Teaching Sessions, provided by NAD.
6.     Work with NAD SBL coaches to plan effective staged rollouts. (willing people, recommend one subject at a time to start)
Fall 2021Pilot SBL Digital Curriculum platform.
(Elementary Math) 
Summer 2022Non-Core Subjects
Prioritize Standards
Creating P-Scales,      Including student “I-Can        Statements” Vocabulary for        Non-core subject areas.

Create Pacing Guides

Common formative Assessment samples (pre, interim, & post)

Align resources

Communication planning and coordination between all levels. 
Post Full Implementation of SBL (local decision-in collaboration with school, Conference, & Union)Develop an early adopter report card reporting options, format/system.

NAD explores alternative SIS platform support.

Communication planning and coordination between all levels.
Marzano recommends Reporting becomes a priority after full implementation of SBL in the school/classroom.

Jupiter has this capability currently. We have a conference working with Teacher Ease, however, it is not Data Rollup compatible at this time.
2023NAD continues to support SBL adoption.

Increase ALC Courses.

Coaching program expanded.

Develop an SBL Digital Curriculum platform.

Communication planning and coordination between all levels.