Missing Quarter in Gradebook (Jupiter)

Issue: A teacher at my school does not see the next quarter in the grade book.
Your choices are: 1) roll over all classes at once in Admin mode (recommended), or 2) re-enable that permission for teachers.

Here’s how to do this:

Option 1:
1. Go to “Schedule > Sections”, then click “New Draft”.
2. Choose term 4th Quarter, and choose to continue all classes from the Published 3rd Quarter schedule. Click OK.
3. Publish the Draft of 4th Quarter to put those classes into gradebooks for all teachers.

Option 2:
1. Go to “Setup > Staff”.
2. Click on anyone’s name, then look at the top right for permissions for all teachers.
3. Check the box for “Create their own classes” to allow teachers to set up their own classes.
4. Click Done.