Invalid Class Grade

“Grade must be one of the standard grade options and must be a grade appropriate for the student’s grade level.
Example: “My school is getting an error for their social development class (see attached screenshot). There are two assignments for quarter 3, one is a grade of an S and the other an E… so it is averaging at an E-. Please advise us as to how to fix this.”
Fix: According to Data Rollup SIS Data Transfer Specifications, the class and skill grades allowed for Grades 1, 2 are: I, P, NT, E, S, N.

Instead, on the Setup > “Grading” screen for the social development class in Ms. Eszler’s gradebook, she is using “E, S, N +/-“. The scale will need to be changed to simply “ESN” instead. (No +/- allowed for non-percent based grades.)