Ethnicity and Data Rollup MAP Roster

The DR MAP roster has behind the scenes mapping being done to it. (This will be removed for next year.)

Currently, these are the mapped paths.
Input from SIS = Output to MAP Roster

  • African American/African Descent = Black or African American
  • Bi-Racial = Multi-ethnic
  • Caucasian = White
  • Hispanic = Hispanic or Latino
  • Native American/First Nation = American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Other or “blank” = Not Specified or Other

In the meantime – as long as there is SOMETHING in the field – it should not be erroring.

This is the info I recently received from our MAP rep… “The ethnicity field is actually not required for testing, but it IS required to show reports. So obviously we approach it as a required field.”

It doesn’t necessarily have to be actual ethnic coding, it can be “other” or “N/A” (not applicable).

Essentially on the roster file you can just copy/paste “other all the way down the column.