Excluding Students From Reports

At the conference level, you can create a ‘home school’ and roster students to it as you described below.  This keeps the students from being associated with a school and leaves them out of an individual school’s results, but the results for that ‘home school’ still exist and are included in the conference district averages that appear on all school reports since the testing took place within the conference ‘district’ account. 

With NWEA/MAP there is not a way to code the student scores to not be included.  You can manually go in after testing to exclude an individual result, but this can’t be done in bulk.  Search for each home school student that was tested and manually exclude them from reports. 

Excluding a Test Result in Reports

If you find an incorrect test event, it’s possible to remove it from MAP reports.

Excluding a test event does not permanently remove the test event; it suppresses the test event so it does not appear in MAP reports.

Required MAP role: Data Administrator

  1. Click Manage Students.
  2. Search for a student.
  3. In the search results, select the student with the incorrect test event.
  4. Click View/Update Test Events.
  5. Select the test event (refer to the Test Status column to help distinguish which one).
  6. Click Exclude from Reports.
  7. To confirm:
  8. In the Included in Reports? column, a dash appears for the excluded test event.
  9. Wait for the overnight process and regenerate reports (the test should no longer appear).