Ethnicity and Data Rollup MAP Roster

The DR MAP roster has behind the scenes mapping being done to it.

Currently, these are the mapped paths.
Input from SIS = Output to MAP Roster

  • African American/African Descent = Black or African American
  • Bi-Racial = Multi-ethnic
  • Caucasian = White
  • Hispanic = Hispanic or Latino
  • Native American/First Nation = American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Other or “blank” = Not Specified or Other

In the meantime – as long as there is SOMETHING in the field – it should not be erroring.

This is the info I recently received from our MAP rep… “The ethnicity field is actually not required for testing, but it IS required to show reports. So obviously we approach it as a required field.”

It doesn’t necessarily have to be actual ethnic coding, it can be “other” or “N/A” (not applicable).

Essentially on the roster file you can just copy/paste “other all the way down the column.