MAP Import Issues Report

In order to have accurate NAD MAP reporting via Data Rollup (Student Portfolio, Conference/Union MAP Summary), the student data itself must be accurate.

The MAP data is validated on three main points:

  • Student First Name
  • Student Last Name
  • Student Birthdate

If any one of those fields do not match – between the roster and the Student ID Manager info – an error is generated.

One of the best ways to get a jump on accurate data is to use the MAP Roster file provided through Data Rollup.

Please follow the steps to be sure your conference’s student data is issue-free.

  1. Navigate to Data Rollup
  2. Click on the Conference Data link
  3. Click on the Org ID for your conference
  4. Click on the NWEA MAP Portal link
  5. Click on the Issues button to review the import issues.

There are four different categories of issues:

  1. Critical
    • Wrong file type (not a *.zip file)
    • Empty zip file
    • Empty csv files
    • Incomplete set of files (there should be three (3) csv files zipped)
    • Wrong year or term was uploaded
  2. Student Not Found
    • Student was listed in the MAP import but was not found in the Student ID database.
  3. Mismatch
    • These records have an ID that appears in the Student ID database, but the other details do not match.
      • First name
      • Last name
      • Birthdate
  4. Other Issues
    • These records appear to show the correct student with one or two discrepancies between the data in the Student ID database.

To resolve issues:

  • Check to make sure those three data points (First/Last Name and Birthdate) are identical in the Roster file AND the Student ID Manager.
  • IF you used the DataRollup MAP Roster – remember that that info comes in from the student information system (SIS). This means that you will need to check the names/birthdates in the SIS and the ID Manager to be sure they are identical.
  • If the issue is due to a suffix, please add the suffix to the last name field in Student ID Manager – AND in the SIS. Currently, we do not have a separate field for the suffix.

Following the correction of issues:

  • Upload the new roster file to MAP (DataRollup Roster)
  • WAIT for the overnight sync before moving on.
  • In MAP, download a new report file. (Instructions)
  • In Data Rollup MAP Portal, delete the previous file.
  • In Data Rollup MAP Portal, upload the new zip file.
  • Recheck the issues’ status.

Please note:
Expected Value = Data entered in Student ID Manager
Received Value = Data which came in through the MAP import file