Adventist Learning Community

How to Navigate your Dashboard

  • Click on the dashboard button at the top right side of any screen on the ALC.
  • All the dashboard navigation happens on a sidebar on the left side of the screen.

My Notifications

The dashboard always opens up to the “My Notifications” screen when the dashboard button is clicked. You will see notifications of activities that are pertinent to you.

My CEU Requests – Managing CEU Requests

This is where both incoming and outgoing CEU requests are monitored and managed. You cab also view open and closed CEU requests from this screen.

  • Incoming and Outgoing CEU Requests:
    • To navigate between incoming and outgoing, click the drop down menu and “select incoming or outgoing” appears. From this screen you can manage your CEU’s or your user’s CEU’s
    • Click on any CEU request that is visible
    • Edit any CEU Request
    • Leave a Comment
    • Approve or Deny a request
  • Open and Closed CEU Requests:
    • To navigate between open and closed CEU requests, click the drop down menu and select either open or closed. From this screen you can see open CEU’s that need to be managed, or closed CEU’s that have already been managed

My Courses

In this section you will see the courses that you are currently taking or have completed. You can Unenroll or Continue taking a course.

My e-Portfolio

This area of the dashboard is for viewing or sharing your portfolio by year and/or role.