Encounter Verification and Logins

To teach Bible in the Adventist system using Encounter materials and resources, the Bible teacher must have received Encounter training in one or more of the following ways:

  • methods course at college or university that has an Encounter component
  • direct instruction from an Encounter trainer
  • viewing and completing of Encounter modules on the ALC

Teachers should contact their Union Education Office for further information on training.

Tracking for Encounter trained educators is done in the User Manager. The Union level is the “gatekeeper” for Encounter curriculum access.

Educators who are not checked off for training should submit their verification of training to their Union.

Encounter Curriculum Login

  1. Login and password for Encounter curriculum is the same as the AE Dashboard.
  2. Access to the curriculum is contingent upon these components in the educator’s AE Dashboard account:
    • an active teaching role
    • working email
    • verification of training

NOTE: Access to Encounter curriculum begins and ends according to the AE Dashboard roles beginning and ending roles. Logins update when emails are updated.