Managing Users in ALC

Union Registrars have the same functions as Conference Superintendents and Assistant Superintendents in their dashboards. They are “Managing Users” and can manage the groups they supervise in their Conference/Territory. If you add a Managing User to any group, that person will be set up to manage that group in totality.

Supervision of Users

On the sidebar of your dashboard, click on “Users”. You will see all the entities that you supervise.To Navigate the Manage Users Hierarchy:

  • Click on an entity. The right side of the screen will reveal the users within that entity. It will also reveal the lower organizations in the hierarchy
  • Click on any entity to view the users at any level of the hierarchy

New or Transferring Teachers to Your Territory:

  • When a teacher that does not have a AE Dashboard account transfers to or is hired in your territory, you will get a notification requesting for them to join a specific organization
  • You can either approve or deny this request
  • If approved, the teacher will be added to that organization and you will be able to view his or her portfolio

To Add a User:

  • Navigate to the “Users” screen from your dashboard sidebar
  • Click the “Add User” button
  • Search for any particular user that already exists in the system and click the “Confirm” button

To Add a Managing User:

  • Navigate to the “Users” screen from your dashboard sidebar
  • Click the 3 dots under the “Add User” button
  • Click “Edit Settings”
  • In the “Managing User’s” bar/box, type in the name of any user within the Adventist Learning Community and click on their name
    • Note: They must already have an account with the ALC
  • Click the “Save” button. They are now a managing user

To View a Teacher’s e-Portfolio:

  • Navigate to the “Users” screen from your dashboard sidebar
  • Here you can see an overview of all the teachers in your territory
  • For a detailed view of a teacher’s completed CEUs, click on the name of the teacher you wish to see
  • Click the “Portfolio” tab
  • You can select a certain year to review from the drop-down menu or review all of that person’s CEU items

To View Employment:

  • For teachers employed within the NAD, all account settings and place of employment must be edited in AE Dashboard

To Approve or Deny a CEU Request:

  • This feature is available to Union Registrars so that you may see what CEU requests are pending
  • Union Registrars generally do not approve or deny CEU requests, unless there is an exception such as an inactive teacher
  • You may contact a Conference Superintendent directly if he or she has pending requests that you are waiting for or if there are questions about why certain CEU activities were approved or denied