Setting Up Support For Your schools

Support on all levels is key to success for Data Rollup and accurate reports. The conference is the main support for schools. This includes helping them resolve Data Rollup errors. Conference and Union level individuals who need assistance should contact Martha Ban via the NADE Slack Workplace. You can directly chat with Martha, as well as post questions/comments in other channels: #datarollup, #general, #jupiter, #facts.

Conference Data Rollup Support Setup

Be sure the contact information is correct for the individual who is supporting the schools with errors.

  1. In Data Rollup, Click on the “Conference Data” link.
  2. Verify the information given is correct. To edit the contact information, click on the “edit” link at the end of the line.

Clicking on the “Download CSV” link will give you the data file necessary for IOWA Barcode Labels and eventually, the data needed for MAP. You may find this file useful for other areas in your job.