Schedule of Tasks


  • Don’t do anything with your student ID list until after July 16, when the new school year has been opened in Data Rollup.
  • Verify your Student Information System (SIS) and contact information in the DataRollup contact settings.
  • Students
    • “Manage” your student list.
    • By the time school starts, no students should be left in the “Last Year’s Students” list.
      New Students who have attended previous SDA school will already be in the system. Do not add them again as new students! Search for student then enroll in your school.
    • New students who have never attended SDA schools will need to be added to system as new students. (See Managing Students.)
    • Students must have their Legal Name (first, middle, last) entered into NAD Dashboard and the SIS. Remember this is what will appear on report cards and transcripts. These are legal documents!
    • Remember to update the Religious Affiliation section – including updating baptism status for those who were baptized over the summer.
  • Staff
    • Contact Conference Support to add or remove staff members.
    • Staff members must have Full Legal Names, including full middle name entered into NAD Dashboard. (Note: Out of our 750+ schools multiple people may have the same first and last name.)
  • Errors
    • Check your school’s error report in Data Rollup.
    • Work on resolving ALL the errors and warnings.
  • Reports
    • Look through Data Rollup reports to verify accuracy of data.
    • Check School and Teacher Opening Reports in Data Rollup. Use the troubleshooting version and the Opening Report Assistant to assist for accuracy.
    • Have all teachers review Teacher Opening Reports for accuracy.
    • FREEZE your Opening Report by the end of the third week of school.


  • Enroll or unenroll students as needed.
  • Monitor and resolve import errors and warnings in Data Rollup.
    • Pay special attention to your error report during introduction of new data points such as:
  • First week of school — focus on ID errors for educators and students and complete data
  • Review errors at these key times when new information is coming through the imports. Be sure to check for errors, as well as review report cards:
    • End of 1st & 2nd quarter
    • End of 1st semester
    • End of 3rd & 4th quarter
    • End of 2nd semester
    • End of Year


  • Begin working with Closing School Report data.
  • Verify Closing School and Teacher Reports for accuracy.
  • Freeze Closing School Report as soon as it is accurate after the last day of school.
  • Freeze imports when Closing School Report is correct — by July 1.
  • Send Conference a list of all non-returning staff and teachers.


  • By the end of the 2nd week of school ending, check and freeze your School Closing Report. Use the troubleshooting version of the report to help with accuracy.  Freeze the report when it is correct.
  • After all grades are finalized in your SIS check NAD Data Rollup for errors.
  • Fix Errors.  Call conference support for troubleshooting help.
  • For academies – remember to post grades to the transcript.
  • Review all Report Cards and Transcripts, they must be 100% accurate in NAD Data Rollup. Remember that these are legal documents! Accuracy is very important.
  • Once all reports are 100% accurate and no errors or warnings appear in your NAD Data Rollup, freeze your import file.