Overriding Grades (Jupiter)

Overriding Grades
In the teacher grade book, go to: Grades > Report Cards
An edit box will appear into which you can type the grade. (This is above the list of standard skills.)
In Jupiter, when a course has standards attached (i.e. “skills”), the “Grades > Report Card” screen is a view of the standards-based report card, while the Jupiter “Dashboard” is a view of the traditional report card.

Normally the grades for the skills (in Jupiter we call the “objectives”) would combine to make an overall standards-based grade on that “Grades > Report Card” screen. The skill grades would be weighted according to the assignment they are attached to, which would have a relative “worth” toward the other assignments.

But that only happens when the skills are graded through the assignments, which you can’t do for Adventist schools because the assignment (course) grades have a different grade scale than the skills do.