Transferring Student to New Section

Situation: A student is pulled out of the mainstream class and receives instruction appropriate to his or her level. This means setting up a new class in Jupiter that has the same course, but different section number. The teacher must then set up the same class in any prior terms and transfer the student into it, even if they had the same assignments as the rest of the students.

How to move a student to a separate class with all of his/her assignments and scores:
1. Have the Jupiter admin create a new class (“Schedule > Sections”) in each of the grading periods. Make sure it is the same Course as the original class, but give it a different section number from the original class. Make sure the section number of the new class is the SAME in each term. Do not put any students in the class yet.
2. In the teacher’s grade book, click on the new class tab. It should have no assignments and no students.
3. Click on “Setup > Import/Export” and choose “Copy assignments from other class”. Select the original class from the menu, making sure you select the correct term. Once done, the new class should have all of the assignments as the original class.
4. Then click on “Setup > Students”. Click on the student’s name who needs to be moved, and use the checkboxes at the top to check the student into the new class and uncheck him/her from the original class. That will transfer all of the student’s scores to the new class.
5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the class in each term.