Jupiter Accounts & Licenses

Each Conference should have one* Jupiter Account containing all their schools. That Account may optionally be subdivided into separate Licenses, so if your schools operate more autonomously, they can pay separately for their own students. Or if you operate more centrally you can have a single License shared among all schools. (Jupiter can restructure Licenses at any time.)

Regardless of how many Licenses you choose, each school has certain settings they may set themselves, like grading periods, bell schedules, and discipline codes. Conference-level admins control settings that apply to all schools.

Having a single Account simplifies integration with Data Rollup and reduces errors. Parents can use one login to view all their children even if they are at different schools, and when they transfer to a new school all their information is already there.

Courses are defined at the Conference level, then each school uses whichever courses apply to them and ignore the rest. If the courses are generally unique to each school, use a unique prefix in the course codes.

Attendance Codes are set at the Conference level, but they are separate for Daily and Period Attendance, so all elementary schools use the same codes and all secondary schools use the same codes.


  • Each Account has only one timezone, so Conferences that span 2 time zones will have 2 Accounts.
  • The only reason to have separate Accounts for separate schools (not just separate Licenses) would be if you have irreconcilable differences, like Attendance Codes that are different for each school.