GPA (Jupiter)

Jupiter sends the Unweighted GPA.

To set that up, go to “Schedule > Courses”, and check the “C” option for all of the high school courses.

For more information on weighted vs. unweighted GPA, you can see the “GPAs on Transcripts” section of this help screen:
To get Data Rollup to show GPA, you must create transcripts for the 6-12th graders in Jupiter.

1. Go to “Setup > Import/Export > Import Transcripts”
2. Choose “Load grades from gradebooks”
3. Select “All Students”
4. Select “Term > 1st Quarter”
5. Click “Import”

Repeat steps 1-5, but choose 2nd Quarter, then 3rd Quarter, then 4th Quarter.

Then you can resubmit to Data Rollup and the GPA information should transfer.