First Steps Q & A

Once I have logged in for the first time, what is the first thing that I need to do? For instance…add my admin assistant, add schools (or do you do that), etc.?

To understand the workflow for Jupiter to get conference schools going in Jupiter, this process is followed in order to get your account set up properly.

Here it is:

A. Jupiter sets up the conference and school accounts.

  • Please send Jupiter Sales an editable (preferably Word) document that states:

Once the schools are created in Jupiter, the conference is added as a super user. Jupiter will also need your registrar and the principals and their email addresses at all the schools.

B. Conferences set up their terms and classes

Once the schools are created and input into Jupiter, the super admins get access to their accounts in Jupiter. They should go in and set up the accounts for the schools, create the grading terms and courses (selecting the correct skills). Once this is finished, they can go in and add teachers for each school. When they are ready for teachers to start adding sections and rosters, they can initiate the teacher accounts.

Jupiter has a set of videos detailing step by step how conference leaders can set up the schools. The link to the Seventh-day Adventist Admin Video Playlist is here:

Jupiter also has an accompanying written quick-start-guide.

C. School Based teachers add sections, students and grade scales

Once the conference leaders finish setting up the schools and teachers get access to Jupiter, teachers can go in and create the sections of the preloaded courses (added by conference leaders in step B), then add the rosters for their sections and select or create the grade scales for the specific sections they are teaching. Then, they can begin to add assignments into their grade books. When they are ready for students and parents to have access, they can initiate student and parent portal accounts.

Schools or conferences will pay for all student licenses for 2020-2021 by 10/31/20. Please request an invoice from in time to pay for 2020-2021.

There are a set of videos detailing step by step how teachers can set up their grade books. Here’s the link to the Teacher Tutorial Playlist:

Remember that teachers should not watch these videos if your admins have not yet set up the school accounts with terms and courses.

If you have specific questions, you’re welcome to contact the Jupiter Support team at 888-367-9764. Or, for a quicker response, email them the specific details of your issue at:

This will allow them to research the issue in order to provide you with a speedy solution.

How to Guide/Checklist for everything that I need to do to set-up our schools and teachers?

Start here:

Have it in front of you and watch the first tutorial.

And you’ll notice that there are exact step by step processes and several other links that will lead you by hand.

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