Setting up next year’s students

Returning Students

At first your new year will list no current students. If you have a data file of students for the current year, import that. Include new and returning students in the same file. It will recognize your returning students and automatically update their grade level, and retain all their previous information.
Where do I find the data file referenced above?
For returning students it’s easiest to use our auto-promote feature, which is located here (note that you must have already set up the term dates for next year):

“Setup > Import/Export > Import Students > Promote all x-x grade students from 2017-18”

Then, you only need a data file for new students – at minimum, you should have a column for each:

First Name
Last Name
Student ID
Grade Level

Or, of course, you can always add each new student manually, which is not too big of a job if it is a small school.