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Quick Start Guide for Juno Pods

Juno Pods are online tests or lessons. Students do them on computers, tablets, or smartphones, then they are graded automatically. You may create your own pods, share them with other teachers, create a curriculum library for your school, or get publicly shared pods from the EdStore. Pods support multiple choice, matching, write-in, and many other questions types which can be scored automatically or manually. Use pods for benchmark tests, classroom tests, or ungraded exercises. Pods may include images, videos, audio, and links, and you may also group pods together to make an online textbook.

Go to Post > Juno Pods to organize your pods. This is the Materials screen where you organize all you learning materials, including files and links.

To get a pod from your school’s curriculum library or the EdStore, click Get Materials.

To create a new pod, click New/Upload then New Juno Pod.

To edit an existing pod, double-click the pod on the Materials screen to view it, then click Edit in the tab bar.

See these topics also in Jupiter Help: Administering Pods, Editing Pods

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