Schedule of Tasks


Employee IDs in the User Manager

  1. Create new ID numbers for educators new to the system
  2. Add roles to new educators
  3. End roles for educators transferring out of schools


Student ID numbers in the Student ID Manager

  1. Verify that schools have “managed” their student lists
  2. By the time school starts, no students should be left in the “Last Year’s Students” list
  3. Begin checking schools’ error reports in Data Rollup and remind school administrators to work on clearing the errors and warnings
  4. Look through Data Rollup Conference Directory to ensure accuracy in school/teacher information
  5. Check School and Teacher Opening Reports in Data Rollup
  6. Confirm “Settings” for schools by August 31. (See Data Rollup Import Contact Information page.)

August – October 15

  • Opening Reports should be correct and frozen by the end of the 3rd week of school.
  • A HARD FREEZE will take place on October 15. No other changes can be made via the school SIS.


  1. Monitor schools’ import errors and warnings in Data Rollup
  2. Add/end educator roles as needed


  1. Remind schools to begin working with Closing School Report data
  2. Begin monitoring Closing School and Teacher Reports for accuracy
  3. Remind schools to verify accuracy of Teacher Closing Reports AND freeze both the Closing Report and imports before a teacher goes off contract
  4. Verify accuracy of schools’ Closing Reports. (Two weeks after last day of school or by July 15.) Work to assure 100% accuracy.
  5. Unfreeze schools with inaccurate/incomplete data. Notify the school to correct and freeze.
  6. End roles of teachers moving out of schools

July 15

The school year imports are all frozen by the system.