Helpful Tips for Supporting Schools

It can be a challenge helping schools provide accurate imports for Data Rollup. We work continually to provide tools that can make your efforts effective. We have found the following tips to be helpful when troubleshooting.

  1. Check your conference “My Schools” page on a regular basis so you are being proactive with errors and can help your schools troubleshoot situations in a stress-free time frame.
  2. Connect new-to-conference teachers with a SIS-mentor if they are using a SIS different than they used previously or if they have not used one before!
  3. Provide training in Data Rollup basics for all incoming teachers prior to the start of the school year.
  4. Stay well AHEAD of deadlines with your schools so that by October 15 and July 15 ALL data is accurate across the Division.
  5. Fastest ways to create errors: Incorrect or no ID numbers assigned to students and/or staff, incorrect grade scales and/or skill grades attached to classes
  6. Remind schools of the following troubleshooting tools:
    • SIS FAQ — Find fixes to errors and warnings
    • Record Browser — shows imported SIS data in a report-friendly view
    • Data Rollup Troubleshooting Versions of Reports
    • Opening Report Assistant — Discover where data comes from on this report
    • Closing Report Assistant — Discover where data comes from on this report
    • Official NAD Report Card site — videos explaining difference of 1-2 & 3-8 grading scale and philosophy of combined language arts grade, as well as samples of K-12 report cards linked to standards. Perfect to link on conference and school websites.