Official Reports

While requirements vary state to state, a selection of reports have become standard requirements for private, denominational or parochial schools. The reports include:

  • Opening Report
  • Closing Report
  • Record of Attendance (available for inspection upon request)
  • Cumulative Student Record
  • Elementary Report Cards
  • Academy Report Cards
  • Academy Transcripts (not official until the school/union adds the seal and watermark)

A note about report cards: Schools may print report cards directly from their Student Information System (SIS) for parents. As the data in the Data Rollup database is the actual legal/official data, it is imperative that Data Rollup Report Cards are verified to be accurate.

The following reports should be checked (in Data Rollup) and verified prior to appropriate deadlines.

  • Opening Report — end of the 3rd week of the beginning of the school year
  • Closing Report — one week after the end of the school year
  • Record of Attendance — end of each quarter
  • Cumulative Student Record — November and end of the school year
  • Report Cards — end of each quarter
  • Academy Transcripts — end of the school year

Remember! Conference, Union, and Division Opening and Closing Reports are not accurate unless 100% of the schools have accurate data.

Please be sure to check these reports in Data Rollup and make any necessary adjustments to the SIS data.

Both Opening and Closing Reports can be FROZEN in Data Rollup at the school level. As soon as schools have correct reports, the individual responsible for data management should freeze the data.