Note: All eAdventist information is updated at the conference level.

eAdventist is the database for all of our official SDA organizations. Information from this database is pushed out to the Data Rollup database and utilized in several reports.

A user account, “Org Maintenance—Education,” allows conference education offices to maintain school information. This information is, then, shared with various web sites and programs (AdventistSchoolConnect, Adventist Education Dashboard, AdventistSchoolPay, etc.)

The following information from eAdventist syncs every 24 hours (at night) with Data Rollup and is used in many different reports:

  • school legal name and “local name”
    • Please do not enter the “Legal name” unless it’s different than the main “Name”.
  • school size
  • school type
  • school address
  • principal/head teacher
  • phone number/fax number
  • email
  • website address
  • active status

Here is a tutorial showing how to make updates.

Conference Education Team: Contact help@eAdventist.net for your user account if you do not have one.

If you are not able to add the principal or head teacher to the school record due to membership transfer, please contact help@eAdventist.net for assistance. They will bring the individual in manually so that our Data Rollup records are correct.

Changes in status for new or closing schools should only be made between July 16 and the start of the school year for Opening/Closing Report accuracy.

School Size Definitions:

1 teacher—A school with one full-time teacher for grades 1–8, excluding volunteers or contract teachers. There is no principal.

2 teacher—A school with two full-time teachers for grades K–8, with grade combinations determined by enrollment, excluding volunteers or contract teachers.

3 teacher—A school with three full-time teachers for grades K–10, with grade combinations determined by enrollment, excluding volunteers or contract teachers.

4+ teachers—A school with four or more full-time teachers and a principal.

A “Small School” is a 1, 2, or 3 teacher school.

Choose correct school size.