Report Card Basics

Grades and marking codes for assessment in grades K–8 are set by the Union Elementary Associates. The codes are reflective of the developmental levels of the students, with marks differentiated for K, grades 1–2, and grades 3–8. Research-based evidence on effective grading and reporting practices guide the selection of the grades and marking codes.


  • Grading scales and marking codes are different – according to grade levels.
    • K
    • 1st-2nd
    • 3rd-8th
    • 9th-12th
  • The A–F scale is only for grades 3–12.
  • GPA is typically based on a 4.0 scale, but can accommodate a 5.0 scale.
  • Combination classes must follow the grading scale assigned to specific grades. Example: 2nd and 3rd have different grading scales; therefore they cannot be combined as one class in a grade book.
  • Students with modified instruction are enrolled in regular grade classes with the appropriate instructional level indicated and modifications documented in the report card comment area. (X, Y, or Z)
  • Kindergarten is assessed in SKILLS. There are NO GRADES issued for K students.
  • See the list of available subjects/departments here.
  • See a list of sample classes/courses organized by subjects/departments here.

The official NAD report cards are available here.