NWEA MAP Data Rollup File Upload


  1. Log in to https://sso.mapnwea.org/auth/login
  2. Navigate to VIEW REPORTS | MAP Growth Reports
  3. Scroll down and choose Data Export Scheduler (.csv)
  4. Enable the scheduler
    • Frequency: One Time
    • Term: Choose correct term
    • Export Type: Comprehensive Data File
    • Contents:
      • Check Optional Student class assignments
      • Aggregation: By District
      • Norms Reference Data: 2020 Norms
  5. Click the “SAVE” button.
  6. After the report is processed, you will see “Download” in the Status column.
  7. Download the file to your computer. It will be a zipped file.
  8. Upload that file to the Data Rollup NWEA MAP portal.
    • Navigate to Data Rollup
    • Click on the Conference Data link
    • Click on the Org ID for your conference
    • Click on the NWEA MAP Portal link
  9. Follow the onscreen directions – and see the video demo here.
Step 2: Upload the zipped file to the appropriate container.

NOTE: The report file may take several hours to process and made available for download.