Managing ECP Directors in User Manager

Adding NEW Members to the Dashboard User Manager

1. Log into the AE Dashboard

  • Enter your e-mail & password
  • You are now in the Education Dashboard
  • Click on User Manager (the blue and black circle with five people on the far-left side)
    • You are now in your Union or Conference landing page (This is the section you will be using to enter your director’s information)
  • Before entering a director’s information into the dashboard, always check to make sure they are not already in the dashboard.  Go to the top right-hand corner, right under your name type the director’s full legal name and click the magnifying icon. The word “Search” will appear and below it in bold “People.” If you don’t see the director’s name scroll all the way to the bottom left corner and click on a blue strip that says “Add New Member
  • You should now see Create New User
  • Name Section: Enter the following information
    • Add full legal name, then click on the next line that says “first name”
    • First and last name should appear after you have typed in full legal name and clicked on “first name”
    • Enter middle name, preferred name and maiden name (if applicable)
    • Enter birth date (you must have the director’s birthday)
    • Enter e-mail address
    • Send email invitation
    • No password needed

2. Data Rollup Section

  • Publish in Education Directory? You don’t need to do anything in this section, phone number and address are pre-checked.

3. Working Hours

  • Click on Full time or Part time

4. Encounter Training – Skip this section

5. Role

  • Role – select one from the drop-down menu
    • School ECP Director
    • Church ECP Director
  • Organization – select the name of the ECP from drop-down menu (you must select a role first)
  • Start date – The date is generated automatically, this is not the employment start date, this is the first day they are issued a role on the dashboard.
  • End date – leave blank
  • Click Continue and this will finish the process.

What if the director’s name is already in the dashboard?

Some directors may also be the principal of a school or may have previously taught in one of our schools

  1. Follow step “5” above
  2. Click on the person’s name that is already in the dashboard
  3. To issue a new role click on the blue box “+New Role”
  4. Select drop down box for role
  5. Click either “School ECP Director” or “Church ECP Director”
  6. Select drop-down box for Organization and choose the ECP program the director oversees
  7. Start date generates on its own
  8. Leave end date blank
  9. Select blue box “Create Role”.  You have completed the process