Directions for ECP Opening Report Data Entry


Adventist Education Dashboard Roles and Access to Data Portal

  • Local ECP Directors must have the role-type of either School ECP Director or Church ECP Director in order to access the data
  • Directors who teach do not need an additional role
  • Principals of the ECP-12 school will need an additional role in the ECP User Manager ONLY IF they are considered the “Director”


Instructions for Conferences/Unions

  1. Log into the Dashboard. (  )
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Copy/paste this link into the URL field
  4. Find the ECP in the user manager list of organizations
  5. Copy the 6-character Org ID of the ECP
  6. Replace XXXXXX with the ECP Org ID and press enter/return
  7. Click on + ECP School Opening Data
  8. Enter data
  9. Click Create Data Entry at the bottom.

NOTE: You will not be able to VIEW your report at this time.

  • Clicking on VIEW only gives you an error message.
  • The report/view feature will (hopefully) be deployed sometime next week.

Data Entry Notes

This refers to the physical location of the program – not who governs or who owns the building.

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Description automatically generated

If no accreditation – check “in process.”