Can I exclude (skip) a class and prevent it from exporting to Data Rollup?

Yes (but see note below about when this should not be done). Schools will often create courses in the management of their school which have no academic value but are used for managing students and their schedule. Worker assignments, special activities and extracurricular activities are examples of this. In that case, schools should put the word SKIP in for the state ID and RenWeb will skip exporting it to the NAD Data Rollup. This area is found in “course” and in “general” under “State ID”.

All academic classes (that should show up on report cards, etc.) should be exported from RenWeb and should not be skipped —  including those that are not in the list of standardized courses.  If a class should be exported, but just doesn’t have a course ID, then please do not put SKIP.  Instead, just leave the state ID blank.  (The NAD course ID is not required.)