S1 & S2 Missing Credit Error (RenWeb)

Steps to Help Eradicate J the S1 (Semester 1) and S2 (Semester 2) Final credit Errors on Dashboard:

  1. Left Task bar click on ACADEMICS
  2. Then click on CLASSES
  3. Click on a High School Class e.g.: ALGEBRA I
  4. When ALGEBRA I is chosen then to click on tab – USER DEFINED
  5. Once User Defined is selected make sure that you Check the box NO for NAD Year Long Class?

User Defined


Year Long Class?

       No   Yes



Save UD

  1. Please make sure that you SAVE User Defined (UD).

RETURN TO Main Blue Tab on RENWEB on Left:

  1. Scroll down to 2nd Tab –  CLASSES
  2. Choose the High School Classes 1 at a time e.g.:  ALGEBRA I
  3. Top left choose the REPORT CARD
  4. Scroll down Time Frame from Quarter 4 to FINAL GRADE
  5. CLEAR all grades – tab is found on the top right hand side next to Calculate Tab
  6. VERY IMPORTANT – PLEASE SAVE THIS ACTIVITY!!! An orange disk is shown to save

Then follow the steps to Run the Custom NAD Data Roll Up from Maintenance Manger!