Multiple skill grade record for any given skill id

Example: Needing both Bells and Choir Classes

Solution: You created your Handbells and Choir classes out of the *8.NAD.Music course. The skill sets are tied to the course, so if the student is in multiple sections of that course, they will have the skill multiple times, which they cannot. I would suggest adding a “non-NAD” course, like MUS-OTHER and attach these sections to that course. Or if the student takes these instead of Music, create the new course and attach one of the sections to the *8.NAD.Music course (so the skill will go with it) and one to the new course, that does not have the skill.

Once you have added the course, go to the Class screen, select the class and in the Course drop down box, select your new course.

Inline image 1

Also, ensure that your new course has the department of Music, so that it is sent to NAD as a subject of Music, which is accepted as a subject for PK-8.