Placed In Override (RW)

The following Rules for the Student field, Next_Year_Status are in place:

When the student’s current Grade Level equal’s the Student’s Next Grade Level, “Placed In” will be exported.

When the student’s current grade level = 8 or 12 AND the next status = ‘Graduate’, “Graduated” will be exported.

When the student’s current grade level does not equal the student’s next grade level, “Promoted To” will be exported.

In the event the school wants to override these rules, they may mark a new student UD field for a student, so that “Placed In” is exported. The only time a school has to use this field, is when they do not want the above rules to apply to the Next Status sent. They would mark this field as Yes, and set the Next Grade Level to be what grade level the student will be placed into, for the next year.

This accommodates the option of “placing” a student in the next grade level. As this is not the normal expectation, the UD field will only be used when the student is not being regularly promoted.  (Example: a student is not academically ready to move to the next grade level, but due to age should not be held back.

Go to Student UD field screen. Look for Placed In Override.