Student exported to Data Rollup who should not be exported

We have a student who is being exported to Data Rollup but shouldn’t be.  How do we exclude them and keep them from showing on the opening reports/etc.?

Option 1 (preferred): Enter a withdraw date prior to the school’s begin date and remove any attendance records.

This is what you should do if they never actually attended our school at any time during this school year.  (If they did attend for part of the year, then later withdrew, be sure you enter their withdraw date as a date during the school year so that they are still exported and correctly counted as a withdrawn student.)

Example: The student in question is showing on the opening report because they have a withdraw date that is after school started.  The withdraw date is 08/22/14 while the school start date is 08/11/14.  If the student never attended, then the school will need to adjust the withdrawn date and remove any attendance records.  I show there is an attendance record of Present on 08/19/14.  If the student was attending and then withdrew, the student should be reporting as attending and then withdrawing.

Option 2: Enter SKIP in the Student SDA ID field.

This option should only be used in the rare situation where the normal method of excluding a student by withdrawing them is not an option.

Situations include, for example, home school students who might come to the school for Piano Lessons – they’ve added the student for the purpose of maybe using Billing, or keeping a list of Piano Lesson students, but the student isn’t necessarily earning any grades/report card/transcript at the school.

Another situation might be for preschool students that are using a grade level other than the usual “P” or “PS”.  Since Data Rollup is only concerned with data for grades PK – 12, Data Rollup automatically filters out students with a grade level of P or PS.  If for some reason you have a preschool student in the database that needs to use a custom grade level (like P3y, hypothetically), then it would probably be appropriate to use the SKIP method to keep them from being imported in Data Rollup and causing errors.