A student who withdrew during the year isn’t showing up on a teacher closing report.

We have a student , __, who withdrew during the year that isn’t showing up on __’s teacher closing report.

Solution: Change the status of the student to enrolled, enroll them back into the class, enter at least one attendance mark (such as P) during their enrollment period and then set their status back to withdrawn.

Explanation: FACTS SIS deletes any record of (and therefore does not export) the student’s homeroom (teacher ID) if you withdraw a student when student doesn’t have any records tying them to that homeroom. If the student has no record tied to the [homeroom] class (attendance, report card, grade book), then when they are withdrawn, FACTS SIS totally wipes out the record tied to the class. (Since they had no data tied to it then there would be no reason to keep any link to the class. This just makes sense in terms of keeping a database clean.)

We strongly encourage our schools to enter a P when the student is Present. However, many schools choose to not enter any record, which is also interpreted as Present in our system.  If they were to enter one P record for one day, then it wouldn’t have withdrawn him.

Example: For the two students in HM-HI, I put them back in the HR class, changed their status to enrolled, entered one P record for both students, then changed their status back to Withdrawn and now their records are included. Because of the presence of the one P record per student, per class, the system did not entirely delete the roster record (class enrollment), it simply set them to Withdrawn from the class.