Dashboard/Data Rollup News/Announcements


Date AnnouncedItem
* VOTED to lift the restriction on the report card for grade specific classes students are enrolled in.
* VOTED to add + and – options on the report card for K/TK-Grade 2.
* VOTED to add E, S, and N for K/TK grade scale options.
E+, E, E-
S+, S, S-
N+, N, N-
I+, I, I-
P+, P, P-
NT+, NT, NT-
* Email field added to student record field. This is an optional field and will not generate an error if it is empty.
7.30.21Rearranged Student ID Account fields to auto-populate from First | Middle | Last name fields.


8.17.20Ability to edit historic data is available now through a Conference Data Manager+ role.
8.31.20The MAP Roster button is available in the Data Rollup window – under Conference Data.  https://support.datarollup.info/category/map/rostering/1491
8.5.20Creation of Slack MAP channel: https://nadeteam.slack.com/archives/C018H8SKS5S
9.9.20The 2020-21 Opening Report Assistant is available @ http://openingreport.adventisteducation.org/. Please pay special attention to the following:

Certification information has been REMOVED
Partner Campus information has been added
9.11.20Regarding certification information.  The new Opening Report does NOT include certification – state or denominational. Please don’t worry if your information is not correct in those areas.
9.11.20NEW to MySchools! A Timestamp!!  Patiently hover your mouse over the date of the school import file on the MySchool page and the processing time stamp will show up!
Reminder of Opening Report Status feature.  Click on the Locked box – and see the list of schools who have locked/frozen their report, as well as the date that was done.
We hope these features will assist you as you work towards accurate data!
9.24.20Fantastic news for Jupiter schools!!!  Auto-numbering has been disabled for all Adventist schools, for students and staff. Jupiter has hard-coded that – there’s nothing for you to do. Schools must add IDs manually or via import from now on, otherwise it will remain blank!
9.30.20 This might be helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m2JuAa6-ors&list=PLWlXaxtQ7fUb1WqLJDqJFGQsAXU7CjoGz. or https://slack.com/help/articles/218080037-Getting-started-for-new-members
10.15.20The auto-populating for skill grades has been removed on the report cards. Please let your teachers know! If they want skill grades/marks to show up – they need to manually enter them.
10.16.20Opening Reports have been frozen.