Missing Next Year Grade Level

Main Menu > Students > Choose the student > Next Year – Grade Level > Select the appropriate Grade Level from the drop-down > Apply. This is based on your next year grade level. This usually happens when there is a status for next year but no grade level.

There are two places this can be entered.

One is in the student demographic profile area about the middle of the screen.

The other way is to go to report manager/custom/ and select the report that is labeled “SDA: Data Roll Up – Student Data”.  Load the student(s) to be reviewed for the report.  On the left column towards the bottom of the report you can designate the grade level for next year.  Be sure to save the student with the button on the far right or changes won’t be saved. 


Either method works and do the same thing. 

For 8th grade graduates on closing report data, there are two choices that work. One is to leave the “next grade level” field blank. The other way is to create a 9th grade class and set next year as such. See the following screen capture with the highlighted yellow section that should be left blank if there is no 9th grade available.