Data not importing to Data Rollup (500 error)

Default Year

Main Menu > RenWeb Setup > System Defaults > Change in the bottom right to current year and quarter.
Check to make sure that all date fields have valid date-data (can use grid edit to check this).

Staff FTE Fields

NAD Staff FTE fields (column C, D, E, F, and G) can only be a number and all those fields for one employee should not equal more than 1.0.
NAD Experience Other can only be a number.

Immunization Verification Fields

Check the data in the Immunization Verification field. The system is expecting a date not a number. You can update this from Main Menu > Student > Choose the student > User Defined. If you remove the zeros and add dates, the export will run. You can manually push the export after the updates from Main Menu > RenWeb Setup > Maintenance > Double-click on the NAD job > Execute. 

Home and School Meetings

Home and School meetings field need to have a number in the field. It can not be left blank.  Log into Renweb1 with Internet Explorer or Safari.
Once logged in, you will go to System→ Configuration → select “School Configuration” → select “User Defined” from the left→ select the UD field → edit the fields here→ Save 

Financial Hold

The problem is they entered (possibly in a very old version of Desktop) text data into a UD field for Financial Hold that is designed for Yes/No only. These students need to have the data moved to like Notes for the students,and change those answers to Yes. They can do this in Students, user defined, pic the NAD group and change the information in the field for Financial Hold. If they want to retain that information they can move it to Notes for the student, family or in Financial Notes.
Once this is fixed, the job will run to export to NAD.